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Id Name Category Description Tel Url Actions
163 Pharmacy Emmanouel Kallasides Pharmacy Pharmacy 26,221,877 www View
158 Pharmacy Paphos (After hours) - In English Pharmacy Pharmacy - English 90,901,416 View
159 Pharmacy Paphos (After hours) - In Greek Pharmacy Pharmacy - Greek 90,901,406 View
88 Philippos Taxi - MiniBus Taxi Service MiniBus Service - Taxi Service 99,486,193 www View
186 POLICE Polis Government Services Gov Service 26,806,280 View
204 Polis Archaeological Museum Attractions Polis Area Attractions 26,322,955 View
213 Polis Camping Site Attractions Polis Area Attractions 26,815,080 View
249 Polis Camping Site Other(DVD-Gym-Courier etc) Polis Camping 26,815,080 View
223 Polis Camping Site Beach Polis Beaches Polis Beach 0 View
252 Polis Charity Bookshop Other(DVD-Gym-Courier etc) Selling second-hand books and magazines 99,077,352 View
189 Polis Chrysochous Municipality Government Services Gov Service 26,321,321 www View
165 Polis Hospital Doctor-Hospital Polis Hospital 26,821,821 View
202 Polis Municipality Attractions Polis Area Attractions 26,321,321 www View
203 Polis Photo Gallery Attractions Polis Area Attractions 99,647,491 www View
297 Polis Property Management and Cleaning Services Techicians-Car Mechanics-Electricians We are a Polis (Chrysochous) Management & Cleaning Service for your Property. We also do Renovations, Housekeeping, Gardening & Pool Maintenance 97,871,927 www View
212 Polis Square Attractions Polis Area Attractions 0 View
51 Porto Latchi Restaurant Food & Drink Seafood Restaurant 26,529,530 www View
188 Post Office Polis Government Services Gov Service 26,321,539 www View
84 PR Rentals Vehicle Rentals Quads and Buggies - Bikes rentals 0 View
192 Primary School Polis Government Services Gov Education Service 26,321,335 www View

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